Human Intestinal Myofibroblast Decending Colon (NhIMDC)


Cryopreserved, Primary Normal Human Intestinal Myofibroblasts Descending Colon (NhIMDC) are isolated from whole adult human intestines that are suitable for transplantation. The Myofibroblasts are isolated from the transverse colon.

The cell composition consists of a heterogenous population of myofibroblasts distinctly from the above region and the cells are tested for viability, morphology, and attachment efficiency (by Crystal Violet). Myofibroblasts are characterized by
immunofluorescent staining positive for alpha smooth muscle actin and negative for desmin.

Novabiosis primary human intestinal myofibroblasts are for research use only and not approved for human or animal use, nor for in vitro diagnostic testing.



Novabiosis primary human intestinal myofibroblasts can be used for toxicology pertaining to oral medications, toxicity, drug screening, absorption studies, and gene expression among other uses.


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