Normal Human Tracheal Epithelial Cells-P1 (NhTE-P1)

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Proliferating Normal Human Tracheal Epithelial Cells- P0 (NhTE-P1) are isolated as NhTE-P0 cells from the trachea of healthy human donors but do not contain epithelial cells from the primary bronchus. Each vial of the Proliferating NhTE-P1 cells were expanded on plastic using BEGM, CRC or Dual Smad expansion media to isolate out an homogenous basal cell population.

Proliferating NhTE-P1 cells have been characterized by morphological assessment by light microscopy. The NhTE-P1 homogenous basal cell population was then further QC tested after differentiating the NhTE-P1 cells into ciliated, non-ciliated and goblet cells. These differentiated cells were characterized and Air/Liquid Interface culture (ALI) validated by immunofluorescence using protein markers for Cilia (acetylated tubulin), mucin (MUC5AC), tight junctions (Zonula Occludens-1), and basal cells (cytokeratin-5). The NhTE-P1 cells are guaranteed to have a minimum of at least 20 population doublings from P1 to P3 following the instructions and conditions provided by Novabiosis.

Proliferating NhTE-P1 are for research use only and not approved for human or animal use, nor for in vitro diagnostic testing.


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